Postal 3 releases to a warm, glowing-red reception

Judging from the bright-red indicator on Metacritic and lack of substantial reviews (there’s 5), I would say that Postal III (who had the class to put their number in roman numerals this time) is probably not a great game.

I actually played a bit of Postal 2 way back in 2003 and even then it seemed like creator Running With Scissors didn’t have much sense in any department – gameplay, story, comedic timing, programming (the game had numerous loading screens and they each took about 5 minutes to load, an excruciatingly long time for any load screen).  It really didn’t have any class or redeeming qualities whatsoever.  But I’ll admit its very existence, its shameless satire of society and the gaming industry at large has some entertainment value for about the first 20 minutes.

That said, no, I will not be buying, playing or even watching previews for Postal III, because from the looks of it not much has changed from the last outing (which by the way was about 8 or 9 years ago).  If it takes this long to put out a game that ranks an abysmal 32 on metacritic, whether you buy into game scores or not, just tells me there’s not much to see here.  Move along, move along.


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