Mass Effect 3 DLC will add to storyline, so I guess Shepard won’t by dying anytime soon?

Call me crazy, but with the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3 I was expecting some tragic deaths to ensue while concluding this epic trilogy.  News that Mass Effect 3’s DLC will actually continue parts of the single-player campaign have me a little worried though.  Basically “continued story” to me sounds a lot like a half-hearted proper ending.

We’ll see though, Mass Effect 2’s ending was so epic that I’m willing to give Bioware the benefit of the doubt.  The thing about that though is that with the 2nd game we knew there was still some story to come.  With Mass Effect 3 I kind of expect Shepard may get killed/sacrifice himself/commit suicide, so this sort of gets rid of the potential dramatic tension that I was feeling before.

I guess its not a big deal, they probably would have resurrected him again anyway.

I should also note that the DLC planned may only be accessible before the conclusion of the story, which would make way more sense to me.


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