The Kid ain’t comin’ back: no Bastion sequel planned

Disappointing news for Bastion fans clamoring for more of the universe, Super Giant Game’s Greg Kasavin has confirmed that they will not be working on a Bastion 2 for their next project.

The good news is that the team that made Bastion so awesome in the first place is coming back for a new, untitled project and this time they have a whole ton of money.  Many expected that after half a million sales, Super Giant may work on some follow-up title to the heavily-narrated action-adventure game.  However, Super Giant has decided to take the road less traveled, fresh money in hand and work on a new intellectual property.

I couldn’t be more conflicted, since I always encourage original titles, but at the same time I was in love with Bastion last year and I almost desperately hoped for a sequel that would continue the surprisingly deep world that Super Giant has brought alive.  Also I wanted to hear more of the dulcet tones of Mr. Logan Cunningham (The Narrator).

Hoping this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Bastion, I’m sure Super Giant will once again return to Caelondia, but the Kid ain’t comin’ back soon.


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