3 more mods for Skyrim you should install

My last post for 4 mods for Skyrim you should install became the most viewed article for fullnovazero of all time.  I decided it would be a good time to revisit what the modding community has been up to since.  This time I’ve created a video guide, so hit the jump for 3 more mods you should definitely get for Skyrim!

Scroll down for links and descriptions to each mod.

1) Thu’uMic

Thu’uMic (named after the Thu’um, the collection of dragonshouts within the game) basically takes the shouts out of the game and puts them right in your voice!  The only prerequisite for this mod is a microphone.  Thu’uMic uses a free voice-recognition program and links it to Skyrim to let you literally shout “Fus Ro Dah” and have it shout for you in-game.  This optionally disables the in-game voice of your character to create a very immersive experience.

Fair warning: this is difficult to install and as you can see in the video I didn’t quite get it working right.  On top of the difficult installation it requires some painstaking configuration to get it to work just the right way.  Additionally you will need to brush-up on your Thu’um knowledge as you need to remember the names of all the shouts you’re going to use (alternatively just program different words that are easier to remember).

2) SkyUI

Surprisingly easy to install, this simple UI tweak makes inventory sorting and armor comparing a breeze!  Highly recommended for the data-driven person like myself who likes to see everything at a quick glance.  Soon to come apparently is the magic menu.

3) Quality World Map

It doesn’t look like much at first, but if you are exploring a new area you may quickly find the value of the Quality World Map, which adds detailed roads to the detailed Skyrim map.  Why roads weren’t included in the first place is beyond me, but this is a welcome addition for exploring new areas, especially at the outset of a new game.  This mod is also super easy to install.

Also featured: Colored Map Markers

This is a personal favorite of mine and it was featured on the last mod article.  You will see it on all of my Skyrim videos because I find it very pleasing to the eye to get rid of all those white markers and put a little bit of color in.  Still highly recommended and easy to install!


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