“The Great Gift Pile” gaming journal entry #2

Well a lot of time has passed since the last journal entry, so I’ll try to keep the details on this one brief.  To sum it up, I bought a lot of new games and played even more trying to get these things.

Wednesday, December 21st

Both the sale price and tantalizing Steam Achievement push me to buy Defense Grid: The Awakening, unfortunately I don’t actually get to it for awhile.  Not many games played this day, at least not related to the gift pile.

Thursday, December 22nd

Not much happens this day, the only achievement I can get is for the amazing game DEFCON.  I remember trying to get this one day, but found it extremely frustrating.  Basically you have to nuke Santa Claus somehow (very difficult since he moves around so much).  This is the achievement to get, hopefully I figure it out later:

Epic fail on my part.

Friday, December 23rd

Now here is a day that currently looks very blank and I feel like I’ve pretty much dropped the ball, but this was also when I was seeing lots of my friends and family and trying to finish other work, so it became a bit of a pain to try for these achievements.  In any case I bought a copy of Greed Corp as I remembered it on the Xbox being very fun.  I also already own Frozen Synapse, AudioSurf and Fate of the World, so believe me there is work to be done here.  I do grab the really simple trade achievement by giving a coupon to a friend.

Saturday, December 24th – Christmas Eve

Another day with the family for the most part.  I own And Yet it Moves, but I haven’t even tried this achievement yet, not much to note here.

Sunday, December 25th – Christmas Day

Now, not only did I get to celebrate Christmas with some great new gifts, I find that one of my favorite fun games from this year – Atom Zombie Smasher – has one of these achievements.  Done deal!  I love any excuse to play this game.

Oh and I added some games to my wishlist to get this one:

Monday, December 26th

While getting more settled into The Old Republic, I also boot up that copy of Defense Grid I bought recently.  After many hours of trial and error, mostly during downtime on SWTOR, I come to beat the achievement:

I know I sing praises about Bastion all day long, but I can’t get myself to purchase it on Steam.  Already own it on the Xbox and I just loved it on that platform too much.  After being on a super sale and still not purchasing, I doubt I’ll ever buy the second copy.  In any case, its one of the achievements available on this day.

Tuesday, December 27th

Another game I really wanted to play: Aaaaaaa! For the Awesome! is brilliant fun and any excuse to boot it up is welcome.  In my span of playing I decide to get a different achievement which is detailed in the video here.  This one is somewhat more difficult.  Scroll all the way up in the menu to get to the free christmas pack of levels and get at least a 4 star on all levels.

Yea the description is so long it gets cut off.  Here’s the full description:

Seriously. Christmas mall music eventually seeps into your brain, and you get all domestic, and you start looking at the children and going, “well, wouldn’t it be nice to have kids of my own someday, so that I can play video games with them?” In the meantime, get 4 stars on all the levels in the freeeee Christmas Mall Music pack.

Its a fun one and I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, December 28th

And that brings us to yesterday.  I decide to buy Serious Sam 3 at the outrageous price of $20 and that gives me the following:

Yea that’s right, an entire day of achievements that I can get and I still haven’t gotten one of them.  Hey now, I was playing SWTOR!  These ones look really fun, especially the ominous “decorate the Christmas tree” achievement for SS3:BFE.  I’ll be sure to check them out today and maybe lay off the SWTOR a bit.

Current progress:

And only 8 pieces of coal to show for it!  No free games for me yet, but there’s still a lot of time, so we’ll see.  Stay tuned!  Side note: I guess my avatar is too cool to display.


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