The Zelda timeline has (we think) been revealed, the debate is now over!

For those either obsessed or just mildly interested in the years-long debate there has been over the Zelda timeline, it looks like Nintendo has finally revealed it…well sort of.  This is the kind of reveal that conspiracy theorists in the world of gaming will drool over.  A french youtube user has uploaded a video of an official (note the official part) Japanese Zelda art book which shows a detailed timeline between the games.  The great thing is that this is only a smidgen of the video and it must be translated from 2 different languages (the french narrator and the japanese text).  Hit the jump for the video and detailed timeline.

(video of the timeline begins at 4:40, which I’ve jumped the youtube video to for your convenience)

When Kotaku got word of the video they did a rough translation and tabled it out in simple form:

Later on another viewer was about to piece together an advanced translation and recreated the art book’s version:

Frankly I don’t know what to think about a 3-way split from Ocarina.  I’ve only been mildly interested in the timeline business and it has always been confusing.  But to many, with myself included, the split almost feels like a cop-out.  I imagine that at the end of the day there are three possibilities for this mess:

  1. Nintendo had the two-way split and threw in a third with Wind Waker (least likely)
  2. This is one of the most elaborate troll videos ever conceived (more likely)
  3. Nintendo got tired of the debates and made it up on the spot, this was the best they could come up with (most likely)

But there you have it, a Zelda timeline to pour over and scrutinize however you want.  Believe this timeline or not, I think it will stand as cannon until someone makes a good case to refute it.


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