The tiny man glitch in The Old Republic is downright hilarious

You talkin' to me?

If you are playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, then you may encounter a tiny little man who demands both your respect and attention.  At first one thinks “well this is Star Wars, maybe there are just some tiny people in the galaxy far, far away”, then as the character proceeds to talk it becomes increasingly difficult to burst out laughing.  But this is not a normal part of SWTOR, it is actually a glitch where something is causing these characters to load as they would for a small palm-sized hologram, but instead for real life.  It happens on a lot of cutscene areas and it makes me laugh every time, I happened to capture a few screenshots of the last encounter I had, hit the jump for more!

I DEMAND your respect!

Interestingly, the camera actually goes down to the floor to focus on the NPC

My character looks down on the tiny man

Inch-high private eye at your service!


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