“The Great Gift Pile” gaming journal entry #1

Steam’s recent sale is not your traditional holiday sale.  The daily deals are there, the publisher packs are there, but this year there is something new – a metagame that gives away prizes for playing all of those games you’ve bought.  Perhaps even just bought in some cases. I don’t intend to go and buy every single game out there, but after 2 days its already come to my attention that I will probably have at least one game to play for each day’s achievement-get.  This is a journal of my venture into extreme-consumerism that I’ll be updating occasionally, so keep checking in for more!

Monday, December 19th

Steam Holiday Sale begins!  The first set of achievements are made available.

Turns out the very first achievement is actually just clicking on the inventory screen for Steam.  I checked with a co-worker and it looks like everyone on this gets a 25% off coupon for any Valve game.  Completely useless to me as I already own all Valve games I would want to play at this point (admittedly I don’t own Day of Defeat: Source, but I’ll pass on this 6-year-old game)

Looking at the rest of the achievements I find that I do actually own one of them – Anomaly Warzone Earth, however I don’t have it installed yet.  Start the download process and play Terraria for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, December 20th

Make a conscious decision to do a couple of the achievements today.  On this turn I have several games already bought – Psychonauts, Dungeons of Dredmor and the free-to-play Spiral Knights (which being free-to-play anyone can do).  My problem with Psychonauts is that I don’t have a save game anymore and playing through however long it takes to get to the achievement isn’t something I’m up for right now.

So I get into Dungeons of Dredmor.  This is actually a fairly easy one, just create a new character with the alchemy skill, find a few pieces of gold and a drink vending machine and you can craft the recipe for Diggle Nog pretty quick.  Follow the recipe here.  I also noted the game was on sale for only $1.24, which is about the price of a cup of coffee!

With yesterday’s Anamoly Warzone Earth now installed I boot it up and follow the achievement’s instructions – get 20 presents from level’s 2 to 4.  I start up level 2 on casual and after about 10 minutes it becomes apparent how easy this achievement is.  Just move your guys around in a way that takes out every single alien craft and you will get 20 presents with some to spare, only one level needed!

Didn’t get around to Spiral Knights either because I’ve only played 10 minutes of the game total, so I would have no idea where to even begin.  Will save this one for the weekend possibly.  Achievements to get:

At the end of the day this was my progress summary:

Rewards gotten for those achievements: 2 lumps of coal, the aforementioned Valve coupon and another coupon for 50% off AI War, which is another game featured today on the achievement page.

Considering that would make AI War only $2.50 its not a bad idea, but I will likely hold off this purchase for other prospects.

I’ll continue to play and get achievements and will update you all in a few days so keep checking in!


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