Ludum Dare: the entries are in and the voting has begun!

I’ve heard of these 48-hour coding projects by-and-by in the past, but for the most part since I’m not a programmer I tend to not hear about them much.  In the past year or so I’ve gotten much more in touch with the indie game movement and so its no surprise that this year I’m hearing a lot about Ludum Dare, a 48 hour game making competition.

Programmers are given a theme to build their game around and 48 hours to do it in.  Entries must be made by a single person and all code and content, such as graphics, textures and sound, must be made within the 48 hour window.  In addition participants must submit all of their source code.

This years theme was “Alone”, so expect many lonely, dark entries.  The submission window was closed just recently and it is an almost baffling 891 entries, the most they have ever had.  There is a 2 week window to vote on games that is open to the public, which you can find here.

Just some very select entries that I tried below.  I personally won’t be able to get to many more, but I may try a few during the week as it moves along:


Pictured above, just one of the first ones I spotted.  I can’t play it for more than 20 seconds as the game is brutally hard.  You must survive as long as possible with a limited light source.


As you may guess by the title, this one is made by the one-and-only Notch.  It is, to nobody’s surprise, a Minecraft knockoff, but it is kinda neat and fun.  Features some traditional Notch humor that I’ve seen in his other mini projects.


Real original titles, I know, but this one I had to point out as it is by the man working on Against the Wall.  Very simple pixel-hunt game with some unfortunately quirky movement.  Impressive visuals though considering the time built.


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