Player banned for 14 years in Modern Warfare 3

Some people just try too hard.  Or at least cheat too hard.

One gamer, who apparently goes by the name of “HotShot_01”, has been banned for 14 years on the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 3 or more specifically – 5000 days.

“HotShot” was caught boosting in the game by using 6 copies of the game on 6 different PS3 consoles.  How exactly this was used to actually boost is beyond me right now, I still can’t get over the idea that someone would buy six of the same console just to prestige several times.  You get the same guns each time you know!  Even more hilarious is his twitter account which appears to be created for the sole purpose of telling everyone about it:

Perhaps the standard ban for boosting is 1000 days and he was given one sentence for each illegitimate console.  Who knows.  Its a great laugh and I hope it sets an example for people who do this.  If I could get just one message out there: Boosting in MW3 is the silliest thing ever, if you play enough you will get there eventually and at the end of the day no real skill is recorded, so why bother?

Player Banned for 5000 days from Modern Warfare 3 for boosting using 6 PS3s


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