Is Fortnite an attempt at a real Minecraft clone?

Fortnite is Epic Game’s cartoony-looking new franchise, and the teaser trailer (posted below) from Saturday’s VGAs gave us some subtle hints to the gameplay without giving anything away.  Epic’s Cliff “Dude Huge” Bleszinski says “There’s no dudebros in it,” which tells me that this IP is heading for a much different direction than previous Epic titles.  Let’s take a quick inventory of some of the things shown off in the trailer:

  • Destruction of environment
  • Collecting materials from destroyed environment
  • Building new structures with collected materials
  • Waiting for night-fall when hordes of monsters will appear

Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar?  Mojang’s Minecraft has an extremely similar formula to its core gameplay: destroy block, collect block, place block and build a shelter from the monsters who come out at night.  Its made me wonder if somebody out there finally took notice and decided that the forumula could be applied to other games.  I for one look forward to something with the graphical punch of an Unreal Engine 3, but the creative expanse and addictiveness of Minecraft.  Will be keeping an eye on this one for sure.


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