Why Bastion could still benefit from DLC

Much to my surprise, Supergiant Games – creators of this year’s sleeper-hit Bastion – decided to put out a little DLC for their highly-acclaimed game right in time for the Christmas season.  Surprising, because it was not too long ago that Supergiant said they never intended to make any DLC for the game.  Well, Stranger’s Dream will be hitting both Steam and Xbox Live starting Wednesday (12/14) this week (80 points on XBLA, free on Steam).

The question many of us had immediately was whether or not this meant Supergiant would be open to delivering more DLC in the future and the prompt answer was a resounding “no”.  However, I would be content to ask Supergiant to reconsider, as this is a game that could certainly still benefit from continued DLC.

It seems to me that Bastion has had no lack of community support or recognition as of recently.  Bastion won several praises during the weekend’s Video Game Awards for surprisingly varied categories of not only Best Song and Best Score, but also Best Downloadable Game (it seemed to me like it should have certainly had Best Performance by a Male, but maybe I’m just taking these awards too seriously).  This alone should be enough of a signal that the interest in more content is there, but maybe Supergiant still wants to stick to its guns.

I believe Supergiant may be afraid of going down a road that many other developers have gone down, creating a mostly-done game up-front and then releasing additions to the game shortly after.  DLC however, isn’t always about improving a game’s experience, it sometimes is just about giving us a little bit more content.  Some of us just really enjoyed the experience and would like to keep playing, something I think New Game+ did a superb job of within this game, but unfortunately did not deliver much else in terms of bonus content.

I’m certainly not saying that Bastion needs DLC, that would just be silly.  I’m just saying it could have it without breaking any sort of story cannon or possibly even company ideals.  Its a fine line to tread and I can understand the idea of just not wanting to deal with that and moving on to the next project, but for those of us singing the praises of this wonderful game, some added support to keep the original game afloat could be a great way to also keep Supergiant Games on the map until their next release.  Now if I could convince them to get started on Bastion 2…


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