The Last of Us confirms that I am sick of zombie games

Now to be quite honest I am extremely pumped for this new game from Naughty Dog.  I could tell it was the sort of narrative game that we need in the game industry to keep us all moving in the right direction.

This article is about the gut feeling I got moments after seeing the main antagonist – “Man, not another zombie game…”

Ok, ok, before we all get technical here.  Yes, the monsters did not look like your typical zombies, they looked much more like something out of one of the more recent Resident Evil games (one of the original zombie games).  But still, its some humanoid infected…thing that wants to eat your face off, pretty close to zombie.

Even though this thing resembles a cauliflower, it still acts like another zombie

Many have been having this feeling for years now and I personally believe the real animosity set in after Left 4 Dead 2 came out shortly after Left 4 Dead 1.  But generally I’ve still been enjoying the motif up until now.  There’s just a point when one has had enough and after that gut reaction I knew that zombie games have long since jumped the shark in my eyes.  Its time for this genre to fade away.  We can certainly still have post-apocalyptic games, maybe even with some sort of zombie-themed enemy, but I think its time to tone down their frequency.


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