Rainbow 6: Patriots channels Occupy movement

This ad for Ubisoft’s latest game in the Rainbow Six cannon – Rainbow 6: Patriots – channels a lot of the views of the real-world protest movement called Occupy Wall Street (OWS).  While I’m very excited about what this game can do narratively, I’m a little wary of how much it seems to be leaning on the Occupy Wall Street movement in this advertisement, seen last Saturday on Spike TV’s Video Game Awards.

Politics aside, it feels like a cash-in to just generally be topical.  I don’t deny that the game probably does have terrorists that share OWS’s world views, but the mention of things like “bail-outs” and “homes foreclosed” almost feels a little tacky to me.  In any case the businessman being thrown out of a high-rise window and blasted upon the streets below generated many applause during the awards, so perhaps this is a brilliant way to generate interest in the new game.

However, the game won’t be seeing the light of day until 2013, long after next year’s presidential election, so it stands to reason that a lot of this won’t be topical by the time the game finally releases (that is to say, whether OWS will even be around by then, which it very well could be).  I will be interested to see if the tone and message of the advertisements stay the same over the course of next year or slowly shift with whatever the topical discussion moves to in the future.


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