Gunpoint takes gameplay and creativity to the next level

Indie game Gunpoint is the sort of spy-game that I haven’t seen in a long time, certainly not in 2D.  It features innovative gameplay that encourages players to approach levels from many angles using an assortment of high-tech gadgets and abilities.  Its a game that could really push gameplay forward for these types of open-approach games.  Hit the jump for a preview video and write-up of this promising IGF entry!

I’d liken it to a 2D version of Bioshock or Deus Ex, complete with hacking, purchasing special abilities and giving players multiple ways to approach a level.  The most striking feature of the game is a tool that lets players actively rewire any part of a building, essentially turning a safe-haven in against itself.  The player’s character can easily maneuver around the building and take out guards with almost Sam Fisher-like ease.

High-tech gadgets let you play as a super-spy

The developers call it “a game about rewiring things and punching people”, though I believe they are selling things pretty short with this description.  There is much more emphasis on lying in wait and pouncing on guards when they least expect it.  Rewiring things lets players do much more than just redirect power from the light to the door.  Players can set up timings with elevator lifts to open doors repeatedly.  Clever players can turn guards against each other by wiring light switches to locked doors on different floors.  Guards can even be remotely slapped in the face by a swinging doors!  The potential for replay here is huge, I can already see myself replaying a level just to see how complex or hilarious I can make my escape.

Rewiring looks like the most promising feature

And where it lacks in pixel-fidelity it makes up for in smart presentation.  Points of interest and possible approaches to the level are easy to spot, yet blend in with the game’s dark aesthetic.  The game looks like it takes a lot of inspiration from some DOS classics.

Tom Francis (the game’s designer) and team will be entering the game in the Independent Game’s Festival (IGF) next year and are actively looking for advice on things like pricing and music, so check out their site or comment on their video: Gunpoint Game


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