Full modding tools for Skyrim available next month

Bethesda has announced that they will be releasing the tools and instructions for what they used to make Skyrim.  That means potential modders out there will have a bevvy of tools at their finger-tips.  Expect to see a lot more significant Skyrim mods.

Additionally, Steam will now be supporting mod installation directly for Skyrim, so no more confusing read-me files.  Although its pretty bad news for the likes of Skyrim Nexus, which I think is a pretty slick site for the Skyrim modding community.  I imagine some mod portal will still have its place, so I don’t think this will effectively kill that site, but it could cause much less traffic.

Starting Next Month You Will Get the Tools To Reinvent Skyrim on PC


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  1. spryda says :

    Sir, remember the suggestion to start a blog you gave me? Well, I took it in consideration. It’s still not finished but if you want to take a look…;D


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