Steam is having a “Wishlist Giveaway”, begins with Terraria sale

If you all haven’t guessed it by now, I’m a huge sucker for Steam sales.  My Steam library needs a spreadsheet to navigate.  There are many games in there I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to.  At any rate the promise of a big giveaway is enough to get me to Steam each day, so this latest contest sounds very enticing, plus its free!

All you need to do is login to Steam, put 10 games in your “wishlist” and check out whatever is on sale for the day on the top.  What I can already tell is pretty evil about this contest is that I will likely want whatever is on sale.  Terraria is on sale for only $2.50 today (4 for $7.50!) and I’m already thinking Christmas gifts :D

Hit the jump for details!

What can I win? You can win the top 10 items on your Steam Wishlist

How many people win? 10 people each day

How do I enter?

  1. Log in to Steam (via the Steam client or on the web)
  2. Make sure you have 10 items on your Steam Wishlist
  3. Visit the page for the featured daily deal
  4. Come back each day for more chances to win

Where are the full rules?Here’s a link to the contest rules


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