Code Giveaway for League of Legends – Riot K-9 Nasus!

In celebration of fullnovazero’s 100th post I am giving away six Riot Nasus skin codes for League of Legends!  All you need to do is comment on this post before midnight Thursday (PST).  Six random winners will be chosen on Friday.

Note: You may see a delay in your comment and it being posted, they need to be manually approved by yours truly, I will try to get to them as fast as possible!  Only one comment per person please!

Also don’t forget we are still giving away a copy of Trine if you purchase the Humble Introversion Bundle and comment on this post by midnight tonight.  Not many entrants yet and that is a lot of quality games for only $5!

UPDATE: The time for submissions has been officially closed, codes are being sent!


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About Ryan Saul

Hailing from Portland, OR I work by day and blog by night. I like to consider myself a video game connoisseur, playing as many new things as I can get my hands on. Its hard to hold me down to one game for very long before I move on to the next big thing. Luckily, that works pretty well in terms of video game blogging.

27 responses to “Code Giveaway for League of Legends – Riot K-9 Nasus!”

  1. hardband says :

    This is a comment. This means i’m eligible :D Gratz on 100th post (again)

  2. GiantsBane says :

    Nasus is dumb…

  3. Carpsteer says :

    Commented! Hope I win! :)

  4. Ampo says :

    Supports Rules !
    Nasus is DA BEST DOMINION CHAR ! /joke off

    Congratz for your 100th post fullnovazero!

  5. Dorian "FLayZ" says :

    Nasus Too Sexy <3

  6. John Timberlake says :

    Oh man, the LoL players are coming out of the woodwork! I recently started reading your blog. Great stuff!! Me and a few friends play LoL, you should join us!

  7. Tacle says :

    Man, congrats to both equally nice achievements, 100 posts and this appealing blog!!

    Just +’ed your Blog and will follow it up since there just ain’t comparable blogs out there looking at quality, if you know what I’m talking about :]

    So, if the goddess of random (yeah, female :D ) will grant me fortune with that giveaway, pls send it in to bluewin-test-mail(at)

    big up out of Switzerland’s fogsoup

  8. Gabriel Cabañas says :

    Riot Nasus code give away brought me here but the interesting blog will keep me :)

  9. Redux says :

    Big gratz! Nasus is cool! You’re even cooler for throwing a giveaway event!

  10. Luca Dalli says :

    Gratz and I hope I win :/

  11. roachhh says :

    comment :P

  12. Sala360 says :

    Congrats for the 100th post, but i think too many people just comment for the nasus skin xD

  13. Mika Aaltonen says :


  14. andomind says :

    Gratz gratz !! keep up da great work

  15. Sebastian says :

    Hey Ryan, as these codes work once per server (US/EU) and im from EU, can I have one still? :)

    • Ryan Saul says :

      I no longer have any more working codes unfortunately, they have all been given away. I recommend contacting Riot to see if they can transfer the code or something.

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