4 mods for Skyrim you should install

While there are plenty of small mods already out there, there are a few that I picked up this weekend to slightly enhance my Skyrim experience.  I highly recommend checking these out.  Hit the jump for more!

See, I’m not much into mods usually, especially if they break the flow of the game badly (i.e. give you a roomful of gold or all the best weapons in the game).  But if a mod simply enhances what the game is all about or the performance of the game then I am all for it.

Note: Click on the title for a link to the mod

1) Arrowsmith

Janie's got a bow?

This groan-inducingly named mod adds something that I was extremely confused was absent from the game: crafting arrows.  Frankly I don’t want to use iron arrows all the time and buying Elven or Ebony arrows costs far too much.  Finding them is up to random luck.  My only caveat with the mod is that the default 50 arrows per crafting seems a little steep.  20 sounds a bit more balanced in terms of usefulness versus game mechanics.  From the sound of it this is easily adjustable, but I haven’t looked into it yet.

2) 4GB Skyrim

If you’re like myself and purchased some beefy PC hardware lately for the likes of Skyrim and Battlefield 3, you may be shocked to hear that Skyrim by default only uses 2GB of RAM no matter how great your computer is!  I can’t prove it, but my game will crash every once in a blue moon if I’ve played for awhile and I believe this is the cause.  The 4GB Skyrim mod is nothing more than an alternate launcher for the game and unlocks the full potential of your RAM.

3) Simple Borderless Window

So you can view your favorite site AND play your favorite game!

Borderless windowed mode is something new to PC gamers and it is quickly becoming something I expect of any major game.  I multi-task a lot while playing games, but I don’t necessarily want to play my game in an ugly window.  Borderless does exactly what its name implies and removes the stupid Windows borders while making your game act like a windowed application, making alt-tabbing a breeze.

EXTRA BOLD NOTE: If you install this you need to start your game using the “Load” option not “Continue”.  This is a problem I had for awhile, it does work you just need to use it correctly :D

4) Colored Map Markers

May not seem like much, but coloring the important stuff saves a lot of pixel-hunting on the map

I believe Bethesda may have stylistically chosen to make all the map markers in the world a solid white, but while doing so took away a lot of the user-friendliness.  Colored Map Markers doesn’t do much, it simply changes towns to blue markers, undiscovered towns to red and objectives to green.  However, this little change really brightens up your map and makes the important stuff stand out.  I applaud somebody for realizing the value a little extra color can add.

Update: 3 more mods for Skyrim you should install


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