9 games I will inevitably miss out on this Winter

We’ve all thought from time-to-time, why does every damn game have to come out right now.  I’ll chalk it up to historical data which says people like to buy lots of things during this so-called “shopping season”.

I’ve always considered myself a “gaming connoisseur”.  I’ve never been satisfied with one or two games and I love to play everything I can get my hands on.  At first I tried to take in the entire experience, but as adulthood began to set in I realized that this was a little unrealistic.  Even when I merely sample certain games, many need to be left out until I have some time to get to get around to them.

This season, there are many casualties to my limited free time.  It pains me to say, but here is a list of the games I will likely never get to try this year.  Hit the jump for more!

1) Dark Souls

Sadly there is only room for one 100+ hour game in my life at the moment, and that must go to Skyrim.  This game is purportedly tough-as-nails and very unforgiving.  To me that sounds intriguing, just not the kind of intriguing that I want right this moment as the already-bought games pile up next to me.

2) Uncharted 3

There’s a big reason for not getting this one right this moment – I still don’t have a PS3.  That’s a pretty big hurdle, but with the console being so old at this point its not really too high, used consoles are abundant.  The bigger hurdle is that I would like to play through the previous games first before jumping on this one, so there is likely just a good marathon-weekend in the near-future to look forward to.

3) Halo: Anniversary Edition

Revisiting the now 10-year-old franchise at it roots in an updated graphics engine sounds pretty fun.  The first game stands as my favorite in the series for single-player as the story was solid and still comprehensible.  Multiplayer at the time was a hoot and I feel like it would be great to revisit some of these maps online, an experience not possible way back when (it was so long ago, I don’t think Xbox Live even existed at the time!) .  Alas, since I’ve played the original at least half-a-dozen times, that’s good enough reason for me to wait until this winds up in the bargain bin.

4) Serious Sam 3

Oh Serious Sam, you have always been quite the opposite of your namesake, yet I’ve had some of the best experiences and marathon sessions with your games.  Co-op is easily the best method of play here and I just don’t see anybody else jumping on this at release (edit: Dan just asked me about it so maybe this will get visited sooner than I thought).  The game will inevitably fall to a super-low price in no time (sorry Croteam, but that’s just how it goes when you release only a couple weeks away from Modern Warfare 3) and I’ll be there to scoop up a few copies when it does.  For now, there is little to no reason for me to pick this up on release.

5) Sonic Generations

When I finally decided that I didn’t have the time to get around to this one, the kid in me let out a piercing cry of “NOOOOO!”  Unfortunately its a game that can be easily saved for another time and will likely see some ridiculous sale price in December.  Until then, enjoy some classic sonic music (and I confirmed earlier that this level is indeed featured in the game…uh oh, the kid in me is about to throw a fit).

6) Saints Row: The Third

I don’t know what it is about the Saints Row franchise, I just haven’t given it a chance.  It looks like bloody good fun, the kind of fun you can only get from a GTA clone.  I heard such great things about the last game too, but I also passed on that one.  I thought that I would surely give this one a try and not miss it, but the desire is….just not there.  I’ll pass for awhile in hopes of a quick price reduction, but in the end I think I’ll need to check this one out sooner than later before I forget about it completely.

7) Jurassic Park

Telltale Games and I have had a great relationship since the first (new) Sam and Max games rolled onto my desktop.  It was a return to some classic humor and gameplay.  I believe point-and-click adventures still have a lot of life left in them.  As their latest game has a lot more to do with survival, heavier themes of death and dinosaurs and a heavy emphasis on quick-time events, I believe this game warrants a pass for now.  Telltale games always (I repeat: ALWAYS) fall into the category of having extremely hot sales on Steam, sometimes mere weeks after their release.  All of these conditions warrant some waiting on my part, we’ll get back to this when it feels more ripe.

8) Super Mario 3D Land

I really only had a vague interest in this game.  My 3DS has received less attention than any system I’ve owned on record, which is very sad.  I’ve heard great things and I honestly think this might be a great way to get me back into the system, but it will have to wait.  Especially considering the amount of time Mario games typically take to complete.

9) Goldeneye: Reloaded

Here’s another game that’s more-or-less a re-release and just means that I’ve already been on this ride.  Technically this is a re-release of a re-release, as Goldeneye came out only a year ago for the Wii, but was actually a re-release of the N64 classic (of which I played countless hours with my brother and friends).  This iteration has some revamped graphics and looks to make the multiplayer something to be desired, but still….eh.  I’ve already been here, so I think the new experiences sitting idly next to me warrant more attention.  Will pass for now, certainly do not want to forget it for later though.

Well that’s it, every other major release is either queued up for play or pre-ordered at this point.  What do you think you’ll miss out on this season?


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About Ryan Saul

Hailing from Portland, OR I work by day and blog by night. I like to consider myself a video game connoisseur, playing as many new things as I can get my hands on. Its hard to hold me down to one game for very long before I move on to the next big thing. Luckily, that works pretty well in terms of video game blogging.

One response to “9 games I will inevitably miss out on this Winter”

  1. GiantsBane says :

    The Witcher 2…I know it came out a while back but I still haven’t gotten around to beating the first one. I regret not grabbing it when it was on sale on steam this past weekend.

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