A new day for Minecraft, now in “official” release

Its been a long time coming, but Minecraft 1.0 has finally been released.  In some ways I think the game has always been released.  I never really imagined that updates would end either and it looks like they won’t anytime soon.  For the most part I think this will be business-as-usual for Minecraft fans.  Yes the game now costs $26.95 American and yes I paid only $13.66 for the game over a year ago, when it encompassed less than half of today’s features, yet the core of the game remained relatively the same (at least there were creepers!).

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Those eager enough, like myself, caught full previews of the final game-to-come by playing the numerous Pre-Release copies.  So I guess I have somewhat spoiled the fun of anticipation, there really isn’t anything new for me to see here.

The natural formations of Minecraft are often scenic and beautiful

Yet many, many more hours of exploring, digging, mining, and most importantly – building are still on the horizon.  I can only imagine how long it will ultimately take me to get to The End, as I’ve slowly been trying to achieve in my latest Minecraft Monday videos.

Let me get philosophical for just a minute.  This is a game that represents the new generation of gaming.  Build your own experience, instead of following a linear progression.  Tutorials be damned!  You can find everything you need on a wiki page or youtube.  Achievements are numerous, but utterly just pointless pop-ups that make you smile.

While Minecraft has begun to copy other gaming elements to make it more of a “game” in the literal sense, the core gameplay element of destroy-a-block, place-a-block has always been the same and will continue to attract anyone who ever went outside the instruction guide on a set of LEGOs.

I salute you Notch, Mojang and the Minecraft community as a whole, who has made this game as amazing as it can be.  As a last bit take a look at this eye-opening infographic.  If you’d like to see where I started, it was during the first big spike when the Minecraft servers were down and I was able to play the game for free.  Who would have thought it would turn into such a passionate experience for me and so many others?


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