Modern Warfare 3 generates more than $775 million in 5 days

If there was any thought that the occasionally-infamous Call of Duty franchise may slow down this year, then take a look at some of these numbers.  About 3/4 of a billion dollars accrued in only 5 days.  It is now topping $6 billion across the entire franchise’s history (though I would bet the lion’s share of it is from Modern Warfare 2 and beyond).  Plus some extremely arbirary numbers: More than 7 million multiplayer hours were logged by the end of launch day and 3.3 million concurrent users were logged in on Nov. 8.

As for me, I decided to hold out.  With reviews pretty much being stellar across the board, I’ve decided its worth checking out and I’ll probably grab it this weekend.

Call of Duty Pulls In More than Three-Quarters of a Billion Dollars in Five Days, And Other Insane Numbers


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