League of Legends remaps Masteries

Personally I never get around to building out the masteries pages for individual characters.  Its been a problem of mine since day one of playing the game.  Why?  Probably the idea that most of the bottom-tier masteries feel like they aren’t helping me much, so I just don’t usually bother.  I’m pretty excited to hear that Riot will be redoing the masteries page soon to address some of these issues:

We also wanted to normalize the value of each individual mastery point across the mastery trees. As we have added more items to the game, the value of altering certain stats has changed. With the cost-benefit relationship of each stat more strongly determined through all of this iteration, it made sense to reevaluate the masteries with this new data in mind.

In the new system, every point matters. Each mastery point that you spend feels like a strong, impactful choice.

That’s some news I like to hear.  You can checkout the full description of soon-to-be changes below:

Inside Design: Masteries in Season Two


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2 responses to “League of Legends remaps Masteries”

  1. GiantsBane says :

    You at least build unique mastery pages for different character archetypes though right?

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