Battlefield 3: Back to Karkland is the expansion I’m looking for

I’ve had a bit of a roller-coaster of emotion with Battlefield 3 since its release.  At first I was pretty angry at how I couldn’t seem to score any kills.  Then I unlocked some guns and things began to click.  Then things began to get confounding again and honestly I think it was the new game’s map design.

You see, Battlefield 3’s maps are rooted much more in realism and I think the design suffers for it.  Without a good mini-map it becomes even worse, sometimes paths to the objective are not very obvious, lanes of traffic are too small, cover is sometimes very weird (too short for crouching yet too tall for prone?).  I think the maps may be one of the weakest points of BF3 so far.

When I watched this preview of the “Back to Karkland” expansion for BF3, which should come with just about everyone’s copy of the game, I realized how much I wanted the old maps.  They had simplicity to them, yet they were also very large and could support all sorts of craziness without being extremely confusing.  This is definitely the Battlefield 3 expansion I was looking for.


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