What will Modern Warfare 3 score?

Its time to play another round of “What will it score on Metacritic?”  Activision just so happened to put some sort of lock-out on reviews until release, so there is currently nothing on metacritic, yet the game releases tonight.  Interesting.

Modern Warfare 3’s Metacritic page for Xbox 360

My barometer on this one is all over the place.  Typically CoD games have always done well on Metacritic, even the ones by Treyarch.  However, with each yearly release the CoD franchise looks just a bit longer in the tooth, after all, they are all pretty much the same game with a little more polish and unlockable guns.  I have a feeling the bubble may finally burst on Activision’s cash cow this year.  So its a toss up, I predict anywhere between 65 and 90.  Vote for what you think below:


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