What’s the real point of Prestige mode?

Maybe this is a bit rant-filled, but hear me out.

Modern Warfare 3 is purportedly going to have several updates to the MW menu format (which is to be expected), one of which is a new system for prestige mode which gives you “prestige tokens” which you can then use on buying various permanent improvements to your game.  Now I was a bit dismayed at this news.  I personally thought prestige mode made the most sense in Call of Duty 4 and to a lesser extent Modern Warfare 2.  Yet it seems like with every new CoD iteration they are trying to take away the original “feel” and purpose of what prestige mode really does.

Using prestige mode has always been to me a true sign of confidence in your abilities at CoD. Instead of being worried about having the best equipment or perks all the time, you can do great without them! Plus, your skill is so great that you will regain those abilities before long.

Not prestiging is a sign that you don’t trust your ability to let go. You need that super powerful gun with laser-see-through-wall-camo-attachment because you can’t do well without it.

Expecting rewards for prestiging because you think you deserve them is not really the point of it. In CoD4 it had little meaning other than you were willing start over again. I hope everyone takes this into consideration the next time they either press the prestige button or whines about the lack of things you get for doing it.

“Prestiging is a right not a privledge!”

I am also going to just place my bet right now.  This “prestige shop” is really just a smokescreen for some pseudo-market thing where you will be able to purchase tokens with real world monies.  I don’t believe this has been mentioned anywhere yet, probably for fear of über-fan-rage, but I can just see the writing on the wall at this point.


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