The Top 10 (Mostly) Do-able Video Game Costumes

Halloween is tonight and you don’t want to be called out when you stand on your tip-toes and go as “my slightly taller brother”.  These are not only some great gaming-themed costumes, but are also mostly do-able, as in they won’t take weeks and weeks of work to pull together.  You might not be able to pull it together before its time to steal candy from the neighbors, but at least you can admire the effort others put in.  Hit the jump for more!

10. Master Chief

Out of my league in costume-making, still out of my league in costume-buying

This makes the list because while badass, you can pretty much buy this costume outright at any costume shop these days.  Expect to pay hundreds of dollars at minimum.  If you want to make the costume yourself you should realize this one takes a huge amount of effort and many hours.

9. Gordon Freeman

Gravity gun would easily be the hardest thing about this costume and its totally optional!

If you’ve got a lab coat and the facial hair to back it up, this one is extremely easy.  Slap on a “Gordon Freeman” security badge from your printer and you’re good to go.  Don’t have a real goatee?  Cut one out of black felt and tape it on.

8. Minecraft Player

The only time when its good to be a blockhead!

This costume is all about accessories, and Minecraft has an entire library of them.  Get a cardboard box, paint it with your best pixelated art and add on a few tools or blocks and you have a solid costume.  Thinkgeek also sells the necessary accessories.

7. Splosion’ Man Scientist

Rubber gloves absolutely necessary.

Much like Gordon Freeman, if you have a lab coat you’re already half-way done.  Add on some blue rubber gloves and modify some lab goggles and you have something not only pretty rad looking, but likely something not everybody recognizes right away (always good to have a nice conversation starter with the ladies, amirite?).

6. Ezio Auditorre

Allows for almost unlimited amounts of detail, but don't go overboard

Now things are getting a little more complicated.  This will require at least several hours of work and needs a few accessories, like the instantly recognizable hidden blades.  For the most part though, you just need a white cloak with some red highlights and a huge belt with the Assassin’s insignia, instantly recognizable and fun if you like looking down at your feet all night.

Also works for girls!

5. Duke Nukem

Two accessory options here: cigar or pack of bubble gum

If you have a nice bod and some blonde hair, you’re about 90% done with this costume.  Throw on some black pants with suspenders and a red tank-top and you’re finished.  Bonus points for a giant belt buckle, nerf gun and the huge cartridges Duke wears on his suspenders.

4. Link

99% of Link costumes won't look this good

Link has one of the most simple, yet easily recognizable outfits ever made.  This really just requires a single green tunic with white tights, but you’ll notice that the authenticity is all in the accessories as it is with most costumes.  Boomerang, master sword, hylian shield, bombs, or maybe all of the above?  There’s a lot of options at least, so go crazy!

3. Mario & Luigi

Lettered hats are necessary

This costume is so mainstream these days it almost doesn’t belong on here.  Most costume shops will sell great ones out of the box, but from the looks of it I don’t see this being too hard to pull together.  Get some of those felt cut-out mustaches and you’re rollin’!

2. Team Fortress 2 Characters

Don't expect to drink easily as a Pyro

There are so many to choose from and several are surprisingly easy.  The spy is basically just a nice suit with a mask, the sniper is your run-of-the-mill hiking outfit with an outback hat.  You’ll get extreme bonus points here for bringing some items from the Mann Co Store.

I almost thought this was from the game, but it is just the best Soldier cosplay ever!

1. The King of All Cosmos

"My, Earth really is full of things! "

There’s no denying it, the King of All Cosmos is also the King of All Costumes.  This may look especially hard at first, but on second glance its really just some cardboard head…thing, all decorated up.  Add in some spandex, colorful vestments from any cheap clothing store and some penciled in facial hair and you are done!  Not to mention you are guaranteed to be the talk of the party.

Bonus points if you can actually talk like the king: “Soccer Player – professional at playing with balls. This must be a very valuable Earthling skill, considering his salary.”

What other gaming costumes do you like to see?


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