Origin gets third-party support, will it become Steam competitor?

I’m sure that’s what they are hoping for.  The EA-backed Origin service was built around delivering recently-released Battlefield 3.  EA did not want to deliver their flagship title through Valve’s Steam distribution service over conflicts on distribution restrictions with Steam.  What resulted is EA’s new Origin download platform.  While many of us were somewhat displeased with having to use a different platform for what will surely be one of the biggest games of the year, this isn’t totally surprising, EA wants direct control of its titles and users that Valve was just unwilling to give up.

Now that Origin has an install base of around 4 million (mostly due in part to its requirement to play Battlefield 3), EA is using the opportunity to shape this service into a fully-fledged Steam competitor by adding non-EA titles such as Arkham City and Saints Row the Third.

Arkham City and Saints Row the Third Introduce Third-Party Games to EA’s Origin


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