Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is seriously random fun

As I was waiting for Battlefield 3 to install and for the arbitrary unlock time, I noticed a new release on Steam – Serious Sam: The Random Encounter.

Serious Sam and I have had a mixed relationship, with high-points like The Second Encounter and low points like Serious Sam 2.  This latest release is not actually the mindless shoot-em-up you see from most of the franchise, instead it is a mindless turn-based shoot-em-up.  I played it for about 30 minutes and I can tell you, the formula works.  The Final Fantasy-lite gameplay makes for some fun battles without getting bogged down in too much complexity.

Will look into reviewing this game later on, but at $5 I can already recommend this to anyone looking for a quick distraction.

Note: Tagged this as an Indie Game because while it bears the Serious Sam license, it was actually made by indie developer Vlambeer.  Look em’ up!


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