Time to Start Grabbing Those Battlefield 3 Download Deals

With Steam unfortunately out of the picture for Battlefield 3, many will need to turn to other game distribution services….oh not Origin, mind you.  I’m talking about the other big names in game distribution (because who goes to the store to buy PC games anymore amirite?).

Amazon currently holds the best deal at $50.99, that’s nearly 10 bucks off the retail price.  This is at the time of posting and they frequently shift the price with demand.

Another to watch may be Direct2Drive, which holds the game at $53.95 currently, but is also subject to shift at any time.

Where not to get it?  Directly from the publisher, EA’s new Origin service.  You can expect to pay full price there pretty much all day long.  Somewhat like Steam, however, you can also expect to be forced to use the service despite where you make your original purchase from.

All distributors appear to have the “Limited Edition” of the game (if its so limited, then why is everyone selling it?) which includes a special DLC deal where you get 2 extra maps.  Probably a misnomer as I didn’t spot any services where nobody was doing this.  Perhaps you won’t get it after the game has been released, but somehow I doubt that.

Special Note: Also spotted a tremendous deal for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations on Amazon for $34.99, that’s pretty damn good.


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