How Well Will Batman: Arkham City Do Next Week?

Batman freefalls into our hearts next week

Something strange happened in 2009.  A new Batman game came out and we were all understandably skeptical.  We had been duped by countless other Batman games, most of which had been terrible.  But Batman: Arkham Asylum pretty much came out of nowhere and shattered our expectations.  Finally a game that really gets Batman.  No more running and punching all the time, this game had you suspending from the rafters, quietly taking thugs out one-by-one.  There was also a lot of brawling, but it made sense, and it just felt right.

Maybe that’s why I’m not so surprised this time.  The sequel to 2009’s sleeper hit is currently making all high marks on metacritic.  Rocksteady is proving they know how to build an open-world game worthy of the Batman franchise.

Although I think things are looking pretty solid-looking at this point.  Many times early scores can drop like rocks once the actual release hits.  What do you guys think?


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