Mass Effect 3 has MULTIPLAYER? Say Whaaat?!

Mass Effect 3

The best part is that this coming entirely from a magazine I’ve never heard of before and they neglect to detail anything (buy our next issue and find out!).

I’m highly interested to see where this goes, maybe it is some amazing co-op system (which would make a lot of sense considering the style of gameplay).   Maybe its actual competitive multiplayer; I could see them doing a 2v2 style where each player gets 2 companions and you need to advance through the level very carefully and tactically, kinda like old-school Rainbow Six, but now I’m just way off in fantasy land, they would never do that.

My bet is on a Fable 2-like experience where you’ll be able to see where friends are in the game at any time and where their decisions stack up with your own.  In any case, sounds nuts.

PCPP#197 On Sale October 19! | PC PowerPlay Magazine.

UPDATE: Bioware has confirmed there will be co-op multiplayer, sweet!!/bioware


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