Forza 4 Looks Like a Must-Have

And not just for racing-simulator enthusiasts, I would argue anyone who likes the thrill of passing their friends in the fast lane are probably going to enjoy the hell out of this game.  I recommend checking out the current Metacritic scores:

Forza 4 on Metacritic

At the time of this writing, they were at 93, that’s incredible.

Kotaku just did one of their new “Should you buy: [blank]?” articles on the game, and it was emphatic YES.

Personally, I sank hours upon hours into not just the game proper of Forza 3, but its surprisingly robust customization system.  I would recreate logos and cartoon characters in the drawing area and slap them on my shiny new car.

Really looking forward to the much more fleshed-out in-car view, Kinect support and of course the Top Gear track.


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