How well will Rage do tomorrow?

I often check Metacritic to see how the general reaction is to a game.  A Metacritic score is sort of indicative of how people will generally feel about the game, even if its not always a fair representation of the actual quality.  I still say you should actually read the reviews before making up your mind.

Nobody actually seems to predict what the critics will say in advance however, and I thought that might be a fun indicator of how people currently feel about a game.  Is there rabid fanboy-ism going on, did marketing for the game just go poorly, is the game extremely hyped?  I think that would be a cool thing to measure, then compare that to the actual score of the game.

This week we will vote on Rage, the latest long-in-development game from id Software.  I’m very skeptical about the game myself, especially after a lack-luster demo at PAX.  I’m just going to rock the vote right now and say it will get about 70 to 80.  Why?  It generally feels clunky and old, but most of the reviewers of today grew up with Doom and Quake, so many will have a hard time scoring it low, thus it should be a so-so number.  Vote on the poll below and we can see what other’s reactions are:


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