Custom Gaming Towers Will Always Be Around

PC gaming is not dead.  Contrary to what we thought years ago, PC gaming has continued to make a name for itself and continues to be a lucrative market.  That’s why when Joel Johnson at Kotaku made his thesis that the way we love to build our custom gaming rigs is in grave danger, many commenters became extremely upset.

From the more antiquated comments: “Sir, I respectfully disagree with this article.” – to the more aggressive: “This shit again? Seriously?” – to finally the outright rage-induced: “Wow, what a bullshit article. Is the author retarded or something?”

Obviously people were not very happy with Joel’s stance, and for good reason.  Many gamers happily build their own rigs due to the freedom of choice it affords, the ease of upgrading and the less bull-shit one must deal with when using a pre-built PC from manufacturers such as Dell (I’m looking at you 30-day AOL trial).  Not to mention there is a great itch that is scratched when one makes something their own – like cooking your own cake instead of buying one, changing your own oil, or in my case: brewing your own beer.

Usually when a pie-chart doesn't show any numbers or sourcing, a title such as "The Truth" is bit misleading

What was really unfortunate about Joel’s article was the complete lack of data to back up his claim that Hardcore PC Gamers who build their own machines are such a minority of the gaming community that their tendency to buy multiple video cards was hurting the industry as a whole.  But why?  Because these people buy hardware that is constantly pushing the boundaries of graphics?  Joel, if the sales were hurting the industry, they would stop selling them.

"Enthusiast desktop" makes for a huge baseline in this data from Intel

“It’s almost mocking to all PC gamers who put together their own computers”

I hate to get all economics and capitalism on you Joel, but if there is a market for people who want to buy 2 or 3 video cards for a single machine and they’re willing to shell out the big bucks in order to do that, you can bet your ass there will always be a company around willing to take that money and exchange it for some shiny new silicon.

“The backlash you feel, Joel, isn’t because it’s heresy, it’s because you’re saying the sky is pink and fish have sprouted ancilliary brains.”

Being a returning PC gamer now (more on that another time), I can say that custom PC building is still the way of the world.  I have met very few gamers who do not build their own PCs or at least sucker a friend to build one for them.  The point is that we still love doing it and as long as that love is there and there is a niche market for this hobby, it doesn’t matter how large the slice of the pie chart is, because we’ll always still be there willing to shell out the cash.


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