Dead Island’s trailer now feels completely misleading

There was a trailer that premiered about 7 months ago for Dead Island.  We could only describe it as…indescribable.  The trailer not only captivated us with its Memento-stylized editing, but also with the great emotional weight brought on the viewer.  It even won some award for being so damn good (watching it again still gives me goosebumps).

As time went on and the screenshots and details of the game trickled in, I began to worry.  The gameplay being described in previews did not match the emotional content that was shown in this gripping trailer.  When I finally pieced together that the game was not quite the emotionally-charged-zombie-roller-coaster that I originally thought it would be, I began to grow contempt with it (see: other emotionally-charged-zombie-roller-coasters that seem to work).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still interested in Dead Island.  An open-world filled with zombies where you level-up and find loot?  Sounds awesome when you put it like that.  But if that is the case, make a fucking trailer that brings that point across.  Its like you show a trailer for Sophie’s Choice and instead when you go to the theater you realize you’re actually watching Conan the Barbarian (and fuck its the remake!).

Why not a trailer that shows off this openness? Instead the trailer takes place inside a hallway & a hotel room

Now that the game is out with some minor technical difficulties, I am still contempt for the same reasons, only because the original product promised (read: hyped) looked so great.  This is the kind of shit I imagine movie trailer creators and marketeers deal with all the time, but if you are going to promise apples, don’t give us oranges instead.


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